Research & Development

Funwe Seed Limited has the Research and Development department with the objective of moving with the needs and requirements of our customers who are the farmers in different agro ecological zones of Malawi. It is headed by a competent Research and Development Officer. Under him are technicians who perform day to day activities.The Research and Development works hand in hand with collaborating partners who are Chitedze Research Station, DARS, IITA, and CIMMYT Zimbabwe. These partners support the department in providing breeder seed, basic seed and sharing and providing  latest information and technologies.

The mandate of this department is to make sure that the company seed crops are produced to the desired and recommended standards as stipulated in the SEED ACT. It is also mandated to produce and bulk seed crops while making sure that the seed crops maintain their purity through selfing and extensive rouging of off types, diseased and pest infected plants.

Some of the department activities include bulking maize lines, legumes supplied by the collaborating partners, crossing the hybrid maize lines to produce single crosses for MH26 and MH30.

The department emphasizes the principal of producing parent and basic seed under controlled environment with recommended isolation distances. Funwe Seed believes in maintaining ethics so that whatever is produced has value to its customers. This is what makes Funwe Seed crops outclass other seeds on the market.

Currently the department is working hard to make sure that Funwe Seed Limited provides the farmers with high value seed crops of High yields per unit area, disease/pest/drought tolerant, and early maturing varieties to mitigate the factors of climate change.

Figure 1 MH 26 single cross production under winter

Figure 2 Soya Beans basic seed production

Figure 3 P/pea ICEAP01514 basic seed production

Figure 4 Dried P/pea ICEAP01514