What We Do

The company produces high quality seeds that are selected and bred in Malawi, to suit the climatic conditions in which the varieties are tested and bred for. The main line of seed supply is the Maize Hybrid Seed MH26 (locally known as Chiphona) and MH30 (locally known as Mbambande) and Open Pollinated varieties of Maize Seeds (OPV); ZM 623 and MZ 523. In addition to the maize seed varieties, Funwe Seed Limited produces and markets Legumes Seed varieties such as Ground Nuts (CG7), Cow Peas (Sudan1), Pigeon Peas (MWAI WATHU ALIMI), Soya Bean (Makwacha), and Beans (Maluwa).


The company has over the last 8 years been supplying seed to Malawi Government’s Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) through a robust network of over 300 agro-dealers in rural areas throughout the country. The company has also supplied seed to various commercial farmers, donor funded programs and NGOs such as FAO, Total Land Care, CADECOM, Project Concern International (PCI) Malawi, Goal Malawi and IMAN Consulting Group.

For the past 4 years, we have also been distributing the seed through Kulima Gold, Agrihort and Agriculture Trading Company (ATC). Funwe Seed Varieties are now also available in all Chipiku and PTC shops across the country. Annual demand of seeds from Funwe Seed has grown rapidly since the company was established due to its sustained supply of high quality seeds. We supply improved seed to over 400,000 farmers and contribute to the national food security and economic sector in the country.

Funwe Seed Limited is also involved in distributing agrochemicals to both large scale and smallholder farmers such Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides and Inoculant for improved crop production. In general the company plays a pivotal role in the provision of seeds to assist the overwhelming majority of poor households to break the yoke of poverty and ensure food security and improved household economic welfare.