Who We Are

Funwe Seed Limited, formerly known as Funwe Farm Limited, is as locally owned Malawian Seed Company established in 2001 with the interest to promote improved agricultural technologies in Malawi. The company specializes in seed production (using smallholder outgrower farmers), processing and marketing of seed. Funwe Seed Limited is founded on social investment policy whose key objective is to support smallholder farmers grow improved seeds to improve their food security, economic status thereby attaining good quality life.

The company is headquartered in Lilongwe, the Capital City of Malawi. Currently the company employs 30 permanent staff and 100 seasonal casual labourers working for four months a year. The company has a state of the art seed processing plant that enables us to process large volumes of seed and maintain quality standards. We always encourage our regular customers as well as potential customers to visit and ispect our processing factory and warehouses to ascertain quality of Funwe Seed products for their comfort when they choose to buy and use Funwe Seed brands.

The company is a member of the Seed Trade Association of Malawi (STAM), the umbrella body for all seed companies in the country and is also certified by the Malawi Government Seed Services Unit (SSU), a body that governs and regulates seed production, distribution and trade in Malawi. Funwe seed Limited is also Tax compliant.